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How is Hezbollah like Bloc Quebecois

Both are political parties representing minority interests that are fervent and vocal. They have approximately the same representation in the respective country's parliament at 16-17 % of the total seats. Their positions are at odds with the general intent of the policies of the majority and therefore the country.

It would be nice to be able to continue the analogy but differences start to loom large. Imagine a Bloc Quebecois which has a military arm that is being supplied by arms by, say, Mexico which has an ax to grind with the United States for other reasons.

The Bloc's military then puts its missiles on the border and after first making an incursion into the US territory to capture a couple of Marines, it starts firing missiles across the border hitting Detroit.

Oh, yes, and throw in the additional element of religion and the issue in principle that B Q says the United States should not exist as a country.

Do Buddhist monks ever laugh out loud?

I don't think I have ever seen a picture of a monk laughing out loud in a belly-laugh kind of a way. I mean the kind where tears come to your face as when watching a Richard Pryor or an Eddie Murphy show.

They smile some, wear contented looking faces a lot but never something beyond a thoughtful, far-away looking smile.

In a book that I am reading by Lin Yutang he talks about 3 views of mankind - the traditional Christian, the Greek pagan view and the Chinese view. He adds - "(I do not include the Buddhist view because it is too sad.)"

Is the relative absence of highs a fair price to pay for the relative absence of lows. Is it consistent with human nature.

Some lines are just too good to pass up

Commenting on a guilty verdict against Ex-CEO of HealthSouth Richard Scrushy a lawyer representing the bondholders who lost money on HealthSouth said:

"Even though it's not directly related, the folks we represent can't see enough hurt get on that guy."