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The 3rd period

Living in Canada it is impossible to avoid hearing about hockey, getting involved in hockey .. and that is a good thing. It is certainly the most interesting spectator sport out there.

Hockey terminology is used a lot and recently an example occurred to me as I contemplated stages in life as one is apt to after turning 50.

So the way I look at it is that I have entered the 3rd period of this particular game given that a life expectancy of 75 years is not unreasonable for a healthy, non-smoking male living in North America.

In looking at it this way, the 1st period was all about education. Getting the most out of the process of learning and developing the mind to then be able to maximize the value of that intellect. Masters Degree was at 24 and if one considers the first year at Citibank as training, than that fits rather neatly into the metaphor.

The 2nd period was all about family and that includes professional achievement and economic success which were in the function of providin…