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More about Inequality and how is "equality" supposed to come about

I wrote a post about Inequality as "the big issue of our time" after Piketty's book inspired a lot of hang wringing over it.

This is a continuation and elaboration on the same.

I feel that because of the US Republican tax plan we are getting into another round of "Inequality" discussions.
And since I have written about it before and done some numbers, I wonder if people really have any idea what they are talking about when they are discussing inequality.
The first of those is is inequality a problem and if so for what reasons? Is it because it is unfair for some people to have more than others? Or is it because a prolonged and exacerbated inequality will create social conflict and things are going to end badly? Because depending on which of those you believe, the approach to lessening inequality could be very different.
So make up your mind - should a society mandate that no individual could make more than 15x what another person makes or have a 100x the Net Wor…

"Men Behaving Badly"

So all of this stuff about men behaving badly made me ponder my own behaviours to try and review have I ever done anything of the sort. If you are a guy and you say you did not think about it in the last few weeks you are lying.
And the conclusion I have come to, again, is that I simply am not able to relate to some of the states of mind that must be present when men do some of these things. If it did not happen so often, I would find the notion that it exists at all incredible.
For example, what is it with the getting undressed in front of a woman BF ("before foreplay")? How is that supposed to work in their own mind - your stuff is just so impressive that once your drop the towel, she will be unable to control her desire for IT and jump you? Where does this notion come from - have men been told this by their mothers, sisters or female friends? That this is a sure fire, never fails, way of getting a woman to have sex with you? If nobody told them that, why do they believe …