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A rant about the "Blackberry fallacy"

We live in an era of a "Blackberry fallacy" where the assumption is that we are more "efficient" and things move along faster, better, if we type with our thumbs.

The fallacy is that it is not properly understood that the "time constraint" is only one the sending end meaning on the thumb using end. On the receiving end, meaning on the head using end, reading a message of a word count of 70 is one minute different from reading a message that has a word count of 400.

So we are having these truncated half-conversations or 1/3 conversations believing it is the same thing or somehow even better. It is not and I am no Luddite but I do believe it truly is a fallacy and as such, it should be exposed in order to be understood in order to be remedied not by stopping to text message or use Blackberries but to understand there has to be more to complete an interchange of thoughts in full rather than just "brb" and "lol".

TTYL he he

That idiot Rush Limbaugh - but that is not the point

Rush Limbaugh said "I want him to fail". I can kill a man with a pencil and I've never come closer to wanting to.

But I have decided that rather than remaining angry at the idiot, I would share with friends some things recently read or heard which I found amusing, insightful and sometimes both. Here goes:

- I have been told that I inspire an "intellectual gag reflex" (as in just being too freakin cerebral about everything).

- "Instead of the mahi mahi, could I just get the mahi cause' I am not that hungry"

- "the eyes are the nipples of the face"

- when referring to a commuter plane - "we were travelling half the speed of smell"

- referring to Nancy Pelosi - "there are less frenetic humming birds than that woman"

- "I just think better lying down"

- "life is much like the Four Seasons in Maui - you get off the elevator and you either make the turn towards ocean front suites or the other way with 99% of the oth…

So what is next - locusts?

Desperately trying to find a silver lining here but this has got to be the weirdest start to a year ever (and end of one too).

German billionaire steps in front of a train; Madoff thing; Satyam thing; 500,000 jobs gone? I mean we need some good news, seriously.

OK, I'll take a stab. The "investment banking model" is no more. Derivatives "have no clothes". Interest rates are low. After the worst year since 1931 how bad can 09 be?

We all have too much information, that is part of the problem.

I cut back this Xmas too - literally - bought a tree that was at least a foot shorter than the years before (they price them by the foot here).

And even locusts would die with the weather we've been having!