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Watch "Religulous" !!

Bill Maher would sometime get on my nerves with his relentless anti-Bush stuff but his "documentary" is excellent.

You just need to watch it because it is hard to talk about everything that is in it but one example is the question of how did the US as a nation get from founding fathers who said - "Lighthouses are more useful than churches" (B. Franklin) and "Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man" (T. Jefferson) - to having "In God We Trust" printed on its currency.

Just the basic act of asking questions is so powerful that one cannot but cumulatively be struck by the sheer ridiculousness of religions as such, not singling out any particular one. So while for the past number of years I would have taken the usual cop out of "agnostic" or "spiritual but not religious" in part due to those things being more PC, I must say I am now willing to throw it in with Dawkins and Hitchens (and by implication Maher)…