Missile idiocy continues

In today's Wall Street Journal in a letter to the Editor, a Canadian living in Boston says how Canada does not need a missile defense system as "a result of not having anyone attack the country for hundreds of years, itself a result of Canada not engaging in any offensive wars".

Oh, really? And exactly who would have attacked Canada? The Brazilians? Or to Congolese perhaps? And if they did, they would not at all consider the possibility of being spanked by the US for messing around in its back yard?

Further on he says "you should ask yourself why no one wants to kill Canadians" repeating the just-under-the-surface argument of apologists for 9/11 terrorists - you brought it on yourselves. This type of attitude is pervasive in Canada and only the truly idiotic go out and voice it publicly while the majority simply thinks it.

Another idiot explains how many Canadians are "very apprehensive about the buildup of weapons of mass destruction". Huh? A purely defensive weapon designed to execute a surgical strike AGAINST a weapon of mass destruction is somehow a WMD itself? Why does WSJ give voice to such nonsense?


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