There will be a "nuclear event"

There is absolutely no question that in the next 3 - 5 years there is going to be a "nuclear event" of unspeakable horror. I don't know if it will be North Korea or Iran or perhaps even India and Pakistan getting off track in their recent warming of relations.

The thing is, your regular North American, European and in particular Canadian citizen is totally incapable of contemplating such an event. Much like 9/11, it will be something that forever changes the way people think of the world but unlike 9/11 it is much more predictable. People are simply not paying attention and have the usual "people are inherently good bias". Most people are completely unable to fathom the way a leader like Kim Jong Il thinks.

If there is a silver lining to it, it is that once it happens, the pre-emptive action against any such country will be much more morally acceptable. A pre-emptive strike against North Korea, which has demonstrated in every way a country can demonstrate that it has no intention of complying with non-proliferation agreements that it signed, would today throw the world public opinion into a tizzy. And yet the justification for it is even stronger now before N. Korea has had a chance to act then it will be after in happens.

There is no good reason why Korea or Iran should be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Nobody is about to invade them and if they want security, they can negotiate it through international agreements and alliances. And yet, they have them and countries behave much like men in bars - if they have the weapons, they want to use them. The only way they will not use them is if they don't have them since once they do, they will think of a good enough reason to use them.


Lover-D said…
I totally agree there will be a nuclear event; unfortunately! There is so much tension and hate running through the vains of evil doers, and the time will come. As much as I don't like the loss of life in conflicts, I think it is necessary to secure our world from such an event. If North Korea and Iran do not wish to please the international community, then I would hope we maybe twist their arm a little so that we can avoid another 9/11. Either way, we have a hard and painful road ahead.

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