Do Buddhist monks ever laugh out loud?

I don't think I have ever seen a picture of a monk laughing out loud in a belly-laugh kind of a way. I mean the kind where tears come to your face as when watching a Richard Pryor or an Eddie Murphy show.

They smile some, wear contented looking faces a lot but never something beyond a thoughtful, far-away looking smile.

In a book that I am reading by Lin Yutang he talks about 3 views of mankind - the traditional Christian, the Greek pagan view and the Chinese view. He adds - "(I do not include the Buddhist view because it is too sad.)"

Is the relative absence of highs a fair price to pay for the relative absence of lows. Is it consistent with human nature.


darrwin6 said…
maybe they crack up when no one is to witness them, does that mean it never happened? what if that is the point
Nenada said…
this is a great quote about the price to pay for relative absense of lows... what's the name of the book?
Miljenko said…
The line about the relative absence of lows is actually mine and not from the book but the book is "The Importance of Living."

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