That idiot Rush Limbaugh - but that is not the point

Rush Limbaugh said "I want him to fail". I can kill a man with a pencil and I've never come closer to wanting to.

But I have decided that rather than remaining angry at the idiot, I would share with friends some things recently read or heard which I found amusing, insightful and sometimes both. Here goes:

- I have been told that I inspire an "intellectual gag reflex" (as in just being too freakin cerebral about everything).

- "Instead of the mahi mahi, could I just get the mahi cause' I am not that hungry"

- "the eyes are the nipples of the face"

- when referring to a commuter plane - "we were travelling half the speed of smell"

- referring to Nancy Pelosi - "there are less frenetic humming birds than that woman"

- "I just think better lying down"

- "life is much like the Four Seasons in Maui - you get off the elevator and you either make the turn towards ocean front suites or the other way with 99% of the other people"

- "I have more vowels than a Honolulu phonebook" (only my son is likely to get this one)

- "some poeople dream of having been on the 67 Yankees, others of having been on Project Orion" - me !

- "I rode an $800,000 vehicle to work this morning, it's called the city bus"

- "the only reason for time is so that everything does not happen at once" - you'd think it was a comedian who said that but it wasn't

- "It's easy to have a complicated idea. It's very hard to have a simple idea." I have very many complicated ideas.

- "When was the last atheist riot?"

- "the moral self-righteousness of the have-nots"

Too bad this had to be PG in case my kids see it.


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