Russia in 1994 - how much has really changed?

So we had a flooding in our basement. So that is where all of my files were. So I am going through my old files and found this e-mail from 1994:

"It is a cultural thing at work in Russia.

It is part of the same context as magnetic storms, 'complex lunch', not being able to come to work before 9 on Monday mornings; driving with no lights on; turning off lights; drinking champagne for any reason whatsoever; terribly salty appetizers; no hot water in the summer for a month; kinds bundled up in the winter so much that they look like the Michelin man; desire for World domination; propensity on the part of the female population to cry inexplicably during the months of Nov - March, in particular in November; sunbathing standing up; disregard for the environment; superstition and belief in "chudo"; man in space but no local furniture; cult of the "otdih"...."

Well, now that I look at it quite a bit has indeed changed. Certainly nobody drives their cars with no lights on at night. And does anyone use the term 'complex lunch' any more? Would a 15 year old Russian teenager even know what it means (or meant)?


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