What is the people's obsession with Orcas?

I don't quite understand why people seem to be so into Orcas and how those animals are in some way noble, special and in some way "spiritual".

Based on what?

If it were one fish one vote, Orcas would have been voted out of existence in the animal kingdom long ago (I know, I know - there is no voting in a "kingdom"...)

They terrorize all the other species around them eating massive numbers of them daily from salmon to seals to anything else they can get their killer jaws into.

And yet, people worship them almost and are all about his special they are because they whistle in some way we can actually record with our audio equipment. What about the sounds seals make when being devoured by Orcas?

Orcas are superpower of animals, Hitlers of the sea so to speak. Please stop talking about them as something great and praiseworthy!


Unknown said…
LOve it , Free Willy!! Better Jail Will!!y

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