Iraqi elections

Everybody everywhere is talking about it so why should this be any different?

About 60% of the people voted in Iraq, facing danger unlike any other people who have ever voted in any other democracy. That is simply staggering.

Even the usually anti-American and even more anti-Bush Toronto Star simply had to agree that - "on the defining, fundamental question, Bush was right. He understood that to defeat an idea, no matter of how perverse and brutal it might be, it was necessary to have an opposite and superior idea. He understood ... that the only way to win the war against terror is to turn it into a war for democracy. This is now happening."

It was gratifying to see the pretty much universal amazement on Monday that what so few have said has actually come to be - people of Iraq, just like any other people anywhere, are deeply committed to being part of their own future and will step up against some pretty poor odds in order to make it happen.

The world's premier spin-meisters were hard at work trying to figure out how to claim some benefit from it and the prize, of course, goes to the most grand of them all. French President Chirac: "a great success for the international community".

To which I can only say - cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys! Gotta love the blogs.


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