Korea has nukes - still don't want missile shield?

Now that Korea has proudly announced the world's worst kept secret, namely that it has nuclear weapons, I wonder if anyone will wake up and realize that the missile shield (and free to boot for Canadians) is not a bad idea at all?

Korea also has fairly sophisticated ballistic missiles so far tested to a range of less than 2,000 km but under development for 6,000 km. Teapo Dong 2 based on old Soviet Scud designs will have a range of 4,000 to 6,000 km and is obviously designed to reach the U.S. Of course, on the way over, they have to fly over Canada and in particular Western Canada.

I for one would feel much better knowing there is something out there that can shoot them down before we all glow in the dark. Thankfully, there will be such protection irespective of the Canadian position.


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